1995 b. Cheltenham

2013 - 2016. Bath School of Art and Design | 1:1 BA (Hons) Creative Arts

2017 - Present. Science (UK) Limited | Painting Assistant

Martha Kelsey is an artist concerned principally with artistic processes. Therein, her concepts are discovered, frequently  pertaining to the paradox of subjective observation. Working to extrapolate non-linear artworks from a range of initial interests -- be it architecture and open spaces or the human body and organic matter -- her growing body of work has continuity in its central motive; "observing the present through making can help cope with the layered, metafictional state of modern life. Doing, as an act, gives the human experience a tangible texture, colour, smell and weight. This purpose becomes an out-of-body conduit for my thought, feeling and relation to others."


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