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Martha began her training at Bath School of Art and Design. It was here that she discovered the joy of painting onto traditional gesso. Applied hot, the priming is done quickly, but lasts; it is the ancient technique behind most historic paintings.

Gesso ground provides the bright and porous surface that holds her works’ diluted washes of oil paint in tension. It is a soft surface that can have impressions made into it when warm, or it can be carved when cold. It bears a strong resemblance to plaster, making it a pleasingly logical material to use when celebrating buildings.

Martha continues to test the behaviour of gesso and her paints, making new work in her Gloucestershire studio…

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Latte Leninism.The Vestibules. 2017. Curated by Artspace Lifespace.


Stroud Summer Show. SVA. 2019. Curated by James Holliday.

Stroud Summer Show. SVA. 2018. Curated by James Holliday.

Women and Art. The Wilson Gallery and Museum. 2018. Curated by Danielle Salloum.

Telephone Box Project. Cheltenham Promenade. 2017. Curated by Oliver Tipper.

Walcot Winterfest. Walcot Chapel. 2016. Curated by Jenny Pollitt.

Class of 2016. Lane House Arts. 2016. Curated by Jenny Pollitt.

SALT. OXO Bargehouse. 2016. Curated by Fiona Cassidy.

BA Degree Show. Bath School of Art and Design. 2016.


(R)EVOLUTION, part of the Wilson Arts Collective Take Over. The Wilson Gallery and Museum. 2017.

Whispering Pendulum. Bath Artists Studios. 2016.